New Plastics Economy - Global Commitment 2021 Progress Report

July 2, 2021

We are proud to continue the signatory of New Plastics Economy Global Commitment for the third year. Along with other 1000 parties in the Koepala is delighted to report our progress annually on the battle with plastic pollution.

We see this as a great chance to communicate transparently with Koepala’s stakeholders about the company’s strategy, action and positive impacts that we have done throughout the year.

Our vision is to create the most sustainable takeaway packaging in the world and build a more sustainable future.

Koepalad evelops, tests, and commercialises innovative packaging solutions that reduce and eventually eliminate the plastic within the packaging.

Problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging elimination

Koepala’s Aterimo is a material independent solution, thus we always try to test our concept with more environmental-friendly materials. It is our goal to source the latest sustainable and food safe materials that are bio-based and recyclable or biodegradable.

In 2020, we tested our design concept with 100% fibre-based material.

In 2021, we have been collaborating with a material partner and planning to test the fibre-based material on industrial-scale during this year. We believe with this partnership, we can commercialise Koepala’s Aterimo with 100% fibre-based material in 2022.

Besides testing the latest materials with the existing concept, we continuously develop new packaging solutions that minimise material use, waste and also optimal for circular economy.

Moving from single-use towards reuse models where relevant

At Koepala, we adapt circular economy thinking in our design process to ensure that our solutions eliminate waste in the first place and are suitable for customer recycling.

In 2020, we have adapted system thinking to analyse the entire value chain of our packaging to identify the total impact of our solutions.

In 2021, we have initiated discussions with different recycling schemes organisations to learn more about users recycling motivation and how to create a system to circular our packaging. 

We aim to test the recycling model for our packaging in 2025.

100% reusable, recyclable or compostable progress

As stated above, by adopting circular economy mindset, we are designing and developing solutions optimal for reusability and recyclability. In addition, Koepala’s team is also actively looking for an alternative source of materials that can fulfil the criteria for food packaging and also have more recyclable content.

It is our sole aim to ensure all our packaging is fully reusable, recyclable into new packaging or home compostable at the of life and made of renewable materials by 2025 (if not earlier).

100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable& recycled content target across all plastic packaging used by 2025

Our target is to prioritise using 100% fiber-based material in any products that are manufactured. Nevertheless, if certain food categories’ requires protection feature that cannot be met by non-plastic material yet, we will collaborate with the entire value chain of to create a recycling system for our packaging.

Thank you for checking out our progress towards a plastic free future. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions. Please feel free to email us at

Koepala Team

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