Koepala at RTIE 2018

October 2, 2018

We have just touched back down after attending the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo in London. Which gave us a chance to showcase our new Koepala stand. Just like our packaging it is designed to be flat to ease transportation and most importantly it is made from recycled materials. We think it has quite an impact. Flat really does make sense!

The event itself provided Koepala an opportunity to network with some of the key market leaders in the UK Takeaway Industry. CEO Janne spoke to audiences about the need for innovation of product and thoughts in the packaging industry. Remember packaging as a service!
Our Aterimo solution was also finalist in the Product Innovation category, providing a platform for us to show that innovation for industry is at the heart of what we do.

All in all a pretty successful event - which is leaving us hungry for more!

But what is apparent when attending the recent events and is that more than ever there is a need for innovative solutions to the disposable packaging crisis.

Travelling to the events we are seeing that the understanding of the issues caused by single-use plastics is growing. This makes us at Koepala even more determined to be the drivers for change.

Our solutions will help to begin the fight and enact a much needed change. We firmly believe in changing the attitudes of a throw-away culture, while creating a service which enhances the eating experience for consumers and delivers an efficient and useful tool to businesses.

If you are interested in anything that we are doing then please do get in touch with Koepala and we would be delighted to engage with you.

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