Koepala at World Circular Economy Forum - Day 2

June 5, 2019

The second day of the WCEF in Helsinki dawned with a spark in the air, it could have been the storm overhead or it could have been from the second day of inspiring talks from the Forum.


During the morning Koepala attended a session on understanding consumer behaviour in relation to circular economy. This interactive seminar was enlightening and interesting to understand how global consumers react to sustainability models. For Koepala, it is important that a common terminology is used when describing Circularity and related sustainable efforts. Their are many definitions or mis-definitions out there which can confuse the consumer. The consumer on the whole wants to do the right thing. It is now up to the businesses across the value chain to provide the right systems & definitions to allow them to do so.

Following the morning session came Koepala's opportunity to present our Aterimo solution. Presenting as part of the CleanTech Venture Day side event, Koepala CEO Janne had five minutes on stage to wow the audience.

The presentation was well received and generated a good discussion among the delegates about the role of packaging in becoming more than just a 'casing' to transport food, but to become an integrated part of the meal experience.

Following the pitch the WCEF delegation moved on to the Allas Sea Pool in downtown Helsinki for networking and taking in the stunning Finnish evening.

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