Koepala involved in Circular Economy Events

December 7, 2018

Helsinki Friday 7 December:

What a busy and productive couple of weeks it has been for the Koepala team. Here is a brief run down of our latest activities.

At the end of November the team went to Paris for the EIT Food Accelerator Network finals, and although we did not win, the finals provided a great opportunity to network and showcase the Aterimo solution to new faces. Experiences like this are all part of the learning curve, and we will take each event as it comes and try to learn from it. Paris provided many learning points, but also kept the team motivated that what we are doing will be at the spearhead of innovative packaging solutions.

On Monday 3 December Koepala were invited to pitch at Tonic18. This event, which runs alongside the larger Slush start-up event was attended by many notable investors, journalists and business insiders from across the Food Tech community. Ben Holden, Koepala's Marketing Manager took to the stage to deliver his first pitch for Koepala - and although initially nervous, Ben presented the Aterimo solution well and collected a warm round of applause and commendations from the Koepala shareholders in the audience.

Following on from Tonic on Wednesday 5 December, Koepala were present at the launch event of the Loop Circular Economy Event. Loop is a joint initiative spearheaded by Sitra, Avanto Ventures & Nordic Innovation. To put it simply Loop is an ongoing ecosystem for circular economic innovation. Koepala are delighted to be involved with this and really support any vehicle designed to serve the circular economy.

Busy few weeks indeed. We will be sure to keep you updated with our updates for the rest of the year.

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