Koepala's new sustainability change agent!

June 16, 2020
“What do you think is the most sustainable material for packaging?”
“I don’t know the name of the current most sustainable material if there’s one, and I believe there will be innovative materials discovered every day. Yet, I believe to make the most sustainable packaging, beyond the material, it’s about how the material flow is managed in the whole value chain and how the design of both the packaging and the system can make it circular” 

That was one of the discussions between Janne and me during the interview for the position, and I believe we share the same vision on Koepala’s roadmap on creating the most sustainable food packaging. 

Who am I?

I’m a graduate from Aalto master program “Creative Sustainability” through which I acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge on sustainability management, system, and design thinking as well as stakeholder communication. I’m someone who is up for challenges because I believe they always come with a learning opportunity. With that mindset and passion for sustainability, I have been taking on one of the biggest challenges of the century: creating a better world for the future. 

Why Koepala? 

I want to solve a real world problem, and Koepala provides me with one of the most interesting places to start. Working on Koepala’s mission is what I believe will help me build the foundation for my life-long passion of creating positive impacts for people and the planet. 

What can I bring to the team? 

Besides my study background in sustainability, I have designed and facilitated a Circular Economy workshop series where I gained profound understandings of the Circular Value Chain and Life Cycle Design. I hope to contribute this know-how and hands-on experience in making Koepala’s design solutions sustainable throughout the full life cycles. 

In addition, at Slush 2019, I led the Sustainability Team of 128 volunteers who helped 25,000 guests to make sustainable choices on recycling waste back as raw materials. The vast majority of what we collected was food packaging. Thanks to that, I got to acknowledge the role of prevalent take-away food consumption culture and attitudes. I believe these insights will be valuable to develop solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also market-ready and user-friendly. 

Last, storytelling is what I love to do and always try to be better at. I’m looking forward to utilizing this skill to communicate with Koepala’s stakeholders, including you. 

What do I hope to achieve in Koepala?

I’m eager to co-create Koepala’s sustainability roadmap with our stakeholders and to deliver our current solutions’ measurable high impacts. Simultaneously, I wish to grow my knowledge of creating truly sustainable packaging in practice and learning how we can achieve it. 

Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about how we take sustainability as the core of everything we do here in Koepala! 

Hai Anh - Koepala

Photo: from my cycling Archipelago trip and yes, you guessed it right! Finland's beautiful nature is what keeps me here.

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