London Food Tech Week Summary

May 27, 2019

Monday 27 May, Helsinki - We are back home after an exciting and dynamic week in London at the insightful YFood FoodTech week. Please keep reading to see a brief snapshot of what we got up to. If you want any more information please feel free to get in touch.

Monday - Home

Today we spent some time at Banking Hall in the heart of the City of London. The grand building played host to innovation centred around food and tech in the home environment. Some amazing progression being made in the sector. It was interesting to learn of the developments being made within the Dark Kitchen space especially. This is an element of food evolution that will need significant packaging input.

In the evening we attended an event about community building around a brand. This provided affirmation that building a community can be a considerable driver for open innovation.

Tuesday - Eat

On Tuesday we split the team with half of us heading into London to see food store concepts in the City. These were interesting as they showed how larger retailers are adapting to consumer demand for more variety when eating on the go.

The rest of the day was spent at The Oval Venue in the East of London and focused on new trends in food technology, everything from lab developed meat to Finland's own Pulled Oats.

In the evening we attending the Forwarding Food even which is another community linking together the Food and Technology industries.

Wednesday - Shop

Dutch Hall, a venue founded by the Dutch in the very centre of the Banking district of London, played host for the Shop themed Day 3. This topic centred on how retail and the retail experience is changing. Again this provided a fantastic opportunity to listen and network with some extremely interesting people from the sector.

The evening activity took us to the banks of the River Thames...or should that be the 'RaboBanks' of the Thames for the FoodBytes Launch party. FoodBytes is a start-up pitching/accelerator competition centred on Food Tech. Koepala, were delighted to be invited to the launch night for their London show. Watch this space for more updates on this topic.

Thursday - Out

Thursday was Koepala's big day - our chance to showcase & talk about our packaging and our values as an organisation. The venue was the amazing Hawker House, a street food venue in the Docklands area of the city. Koepala had a stand there and were showcasing our unique flat flexible packaging to anyone who would listen!

Marketing Manager Ben Holden also had the chance to take to the stage and speak, for 1 minute, about Koepala - which he managed to do, even though a little star struck by the host from SortedFood.

As a company, we feel we got alot from the event and it was refreshing to see so many sustainability minded start ups & corporates in one space. Whether one of these connections will become our next client remains to be seen. But now, looking back with reflective eyes, the London FoodTech week was a perfect location for Koepala and one which we hope to be attending - and maybe presenting case studies at next year!

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