London Food Tech Week Day 1

May 20, 2019

Monday 20 May - London, UK

Day one at London Food Tech Week and Koepala were in the thick of the action, well sat in the audience & eating from our packaging solution while listening to some interesting discussion on the theme of 'Home'.

Home focussed on the new technology is being introduced to the food and eating environment in, surprisingly, the home! Trends show that people seeking to have a more connected experience, what opportunities does that present to engage with people in their home and does our evolving lifestyles mean we are cooking less? We want to optimise and understand our whole experience with food and drink and this doesn’t stop at the front door. We want our home to support us in our cooking, meal planning and to know what we want, when we want it and how we can stop from throwing out what we don’t need.

Does packaging play a role in this? Should it? and can it? After talking to some pretty interesting people from new start up entrepreneurs to more seasoned veterans, we are convince it can!

After the main event it was on to the after show, community event, which rather congruously was about communities and how they add value to a brand.

From our marketing teams point of view, this was an interesting and thought provoking discussion from some food and beverage companies who have embraced community.

All in all a good day has been had and we are looking forward to our next event.

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