London Food Tech Week Day 3

May 23, 2019

Wednesday 22 May, London

Day 3 has been all about the future of retail, examining trends, consumer behaviour and what is around the corner and a bit further away in the industry.

It is clear that retail has changed. What was interesting was the statement of 'there’s no going back'. From Koepala's point of view this is certainly true when it comes to the packaging consumers & businesses use for their food products.

People have more choice, more options and want their products now. Customers’ now have an expectation of supply chain transparency, better eco-friendly packaging solutions and even more choice. How does a retailer stay relevant in this market? What opportunities does this changing landscape bring?

Having the opportunity to see new business models and channels, how harnessing data and technology can deliver a personalised and efficient experience and how exploring ways of creating engagement and experience can offer an exciting evolution to the physical space we once knew.

The lasting statement of 'those who do not innovate may peril' rings true. Koepala are at the vanguard of packaging innovation and do agree that more innovation & more open innovation is needed to serve the multiple objectives of the retail environment.

Finally in the evening, we attended the Rabobank FoodBytes Launch event at their London office on the banks of the River Thames. Wonderful views and a fantastic launch event!

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