London Food Tech Week Preview

May 17, 2019

Friday 17 May, Helsinki

Sat at Helsinki airport and making our final preparations before heading off to London for London Food Tech Week 2019. Needless to say we are excited about what this week will bring. As advocates of Open Innovation and a sharing economy it is important for us to let you, our audience, know what we are up to when we go to events such as this.

What is LFTW?

Hosted by YFood LFTW is the largest weeklong gathering of the Food Tech community in the world. Held at awesome venues across London it celebrates and brings together the value chain from 4 different segments of the Food Tech industry.

Why are Koepala going?

Koepala have decided to attend because this is the right audience for our solution. We are not just going to mix, mingle and sample the latest in Foodtech innovation - we will be visiting with a purpose of educating and informing more people to our unique brand of flat, flexible and environmentally conscious packaging.

LFTW provides a platform which brings together Start-ups, innovators, investors, corporates and the media all of whom have a wider interest in the food and retail sectors. Koepala will have a wonderful opportunity to talk to and learn from these industry players.

The Week

The week is split into different topic areas - 'home', 'food', 'shop' & 'out' - the majority of which fit within Koepala's fields of vision. We will be attending events on most days at some wonderful venues in Central London. On Thursday we will have the opportunity to exhibit and showcase Aterimo and our vision to the audience as we will have a small stand and a pitching segment.

Aside from our pitch and presentation we are looking forward to learning about the world of Dark Kitchens, new innovations in sustainable meal preparation and Ben will be trying not to fanboy too hard over Jamie from YouTube channel Sorted Food.

In the Loop

Our team will endeavour to keep you, our lovely audience, in the loop for most of the week - with articles, vlogs and social media postings - so be sure to give us a like and a follow to see what we are up to.

All in all we are aiming for a really successful trip to London and are hoping to see and share in the incredible atmosphere that innovation brings.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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