Open innovation and partnership for the next generation of packaging solutions

May 6, 2021

At Koepala, we are committed to solving both sustainability and logistic challenges by innovative packaging designs. Yet we know we cannot change the world alone. That is why we are actively in contact with different stakeholders, non-governmental organisations, communities, legislators to work toward a better future. With an open innovation way of working, we are always looking for new like-minded industry partners and co-create sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.


What is open innovation?


It can be understood as a practice of businesses that actively share knowledge and looking for ideas from both internal and external sources.


The modern concept was developed by writer Henry Chesbrough in his book about open innovation approach. He defined open innovation as “the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.”


Why we choose open innovation ways of working?


We want to keep improving without requiring more from our customers

Thanks to the collaboration, we gain understandings from different industry partners on how to meet the customers’ needs and beyond. We have the chance to access to different expertise without excess resources. We can keep up with changing demands yet remain competitive cost of the solutions.


We don’t and we can’t know everything

Open innovation can be an excellent way to find the best ideas around the world and to solve hardest problems.

We want to use our functional and sustainable packaging design to solve the plastic waste challenge. Thus, we need different sets of capabilities and knowledge to generate valuable ideas for this wicked challenge.

We can go to the market faster

By being exposed to external ideas and knowledge, we can solve problems faster. Thus, the product development speed improves significantly. In addition, it also opens new possibilities to generate new products, services and access to new markets.

We can show our solutions to the world

With the extended network, we have the chance to boost the product visibility to many new potential customers, different partners on the value chain and also new stakeholders. With the joint forces, we also have a more market-ready solution.

We can establish long-term partner relationships

Most importantly, collaboration under open innovation can serve as a foundation for future partnership. It is a great way to validate, align, form social connections, as well as co-build a joint roadmap.

Koepala is welcoming potential collaborations

If you are an innovative organisation that aims to create sustainable packaging, and believe in open innovation ways of working, don’t hesitate to contact us through email

We are proud of the partnerships we have had, and very excited to co-launch the next generation of packaging solutions in the near future. Please stay tuned for our updates.

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