A new sustainable packaging format for industrially packed single-portion food


One format Multiple use cases

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One packaging format for multi different cases depend on how user open it: tear and open and shape to bowl for eating, fold and put the straw, it can function as a drink box.


Easy to transport Easy to use

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Our solutions is flat before and after use mean minimise “useless space &weight” during transportation, in the store shelf yet still be able to open to a rigid bowl for eating functionality.


Less material    Less waste

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We use up to less 50% material in production. After consumption, the packaging can be fold flat and easy recycle. The updated material is 100% fibre-based which can be recycle in carboard bin.

Low cost

Low investment Agile adaptation

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Optimised for industrially packed food production and work with any flexible filling line. Making the switch from conventional packaging to an eco-friendly alternative easier than you might think.

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