Less waste,
more convenience.

At Koepala we develop innovative packaging solutions for takeaway food. Our flat and functional products help foodbrands and retails provide their customers with sustainable and convenient meal experiences.

Our team of food tech and business professionals are focused on designing innovative, sustainable and smarter packaging. We specialise in developing, testing, commercialising and licensing new food packaging designs for the circular economy.

Our goal is to make food packaging more sustainable, while making eating out more convenient and fun than it already is.




We are a food packaging
innovation company.


Koepala is a food packaging innovation company who specialise in developing and testing licensed, ready-for-sale packaging solutions. We innovate specially designed solutions for the food retail, foodservice and packaging manufacturing industries. Koepala are more than a design agency as our experience comes from catering and retail businesses we really understand the industry.


Our packaging solutions combine cost-efficient mass manufacturing technologies and cutting-edge materials with a functional and innovative design. Making Koepala solutions the food packaging solutions of an ever-urbanising future.

A humble Finnish sled a pulk (from the word pulkka) is the inspiration behind Koepala’s original concept. The pulk is pulled by winter campers exploring on cross-country skis.


By 2050 researchers estimate that our planet’s population will reach 10 billion. The same research predict that over half of the population will live in cities and urban areas. We at Koepala are here to solve the challenges takeaway meals will face in this rapidly changing, urbanising world.

Our sustainable and innovative packaging solutions save time and money – both for vendors and their customers.

Partners & Investors


Testimonials & Awards

"I was positively surprised to hear our clients really see the value of this type of packaging."

Ellen Schreuders

Soupa Doupa Catering, The Netherlands.

European Social Innovation Competition

Semi-finalist 2019

Sodexo Vivatech Challenge

Winner 2018

Packbridge Challenge

Winner 2017

Head of Design

Packaging manufacturer – Belgium

Latest news.

Global Commitment 2020 Progress Report

August 3, 2020

Please check out Koepala's journey of making our packaging solutions to be recyclable or reusable by 2025. Koepala adapt circular economy thinking to ensure that our food packaging solutions are designed to eliminate waste from the very beginning and can be simultaneously utilized for customer recycling. 

The problem - A System Problem

July 9, 2020

What is the wicked problem that Koepla is trying to tackle in this food packaging industry? Let's understand why Koepala’s mission is to design disruptive innovations that will lead to creating a circular system around food packaging.

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